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AirStream Energy, LLC (AirStream Energy) was formed in 2006 to develop wind and natural gas projects in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West.  At AirStream Energy, we believe the future of sustainable energy requires striking a balance between low-cost, intermittent wind generation and reliable, clean-burning natural gas generation.   

AirStream Energy believes these two generation types are valuable on a stand-alone basis as well as when co-located at the same location.  If developed at the same location, AirStream Energy believes wind and natural gas can provide a “base-load equivalent” generation source that is highly cost competitive with nuclear and coal generation types, while remaining very environmentally friendly in terms of air emissions and minimizing water consumption. 

Airstream Energy is executing a regionally comprehensive energy development strategy focusing on the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West, where, according to the American Wind Energy Association, over 80% of the wind resource potential in the United States resides.  We are currently developing eight wind project sites that are located in the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Wyoming

These projects currently represent over 4,000 MW of wind capacity if developed to their full potential.  Airstream Energy has one or more meteorological stations collecting wind data at each site and is actively pursuing the permitting, environmental, and engineering work necessary to develop these sites. Several of these sites also have the necessary attributes to develop large scale natural gas generation on a stand-alone basis or to augment the associated wind project. 

AirStream Energy’s approach is to develop sites with a majority of the following key attributes:

  • Superior wind resource
  • Adjacent to existing or planned large scale transmission infrastructure capable of supporting large scale generation projects
  • Ability to access more than one power market and offtaker
  • Ability to support stand-alone natural gas generation or natural gas generation integrated with wind generation
  • Generation friendly state and local zoning requirements
  • Receptive community and landowners
  • Favorable economic development incentives
  • Ability to support large data centers / server farms

AirStream has also assembled a talented team of principals, engineers, consultants, and attorneys that have a solid track record developing large scale energy projects. 


email: info@airstreamenergy.com


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