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Data Center Server Farm Developers and Operators

Data Centers, also called Server Farms, used to store digital content for the internet, are experiencing ultra-rapid growth due to increasing amounts of video being sent across the internet, ever larger files sizes being attached to emails, and downloadable software becoming more ubiquitous.  This growth in internet traffic is transforming data centers into one of the largest consumers of energy in the world. 

According to a recent study from Jonathon Koomey, entitled “Estimating Total Power Consumption By Servers in the U.S. and The World” (2/15/07), the total energy used by servers and their supporting equipment represented about 1.2% of the total U.S. electricity consumption in 2005 – an amount equivalent to that of all color televisions.  To serve that energy demand required about 5,000 MW of generation capacity and the associated electric bill was a staggering $2.7B.  A recent EPA report to Congress found that, if current trends continue, energy demands from data centers could reach 12,000 MW by 2011- a greater than 2X increase in energy demand in a little over five years.   

Because of this staggering energy growth, many data center operators are having difficulties getting power to their facilities in urban areas, and when they can, the power is very expensive, making it one of largest cost elements in their operations.  Further, should some form of carbon regulation be adopted, data center operators could face significant financial exposure to increased energy prices if their operations are served by carbon intense generation sources.  Because of this risk many data center operators have become aware of their “carbon footprint” and now desire green, carbon-free energy sources for new facilities. 

Considering that AirStream Energy is developing wind projects in locations with some of the best wind resources in the world – which equates to some of the lowest-cost carbon free energy anywhere - AirStream Energy believes that wind energy can play an important part in the future of data center operators. 

Given our founder’s background at communications service providers like Level 3 Communications and major energy companies like Duke Energy, AirStream Energy uniquely understands the requirements data centers operators look for when siting new facilities and the requirements needed to build wind energy facilities that produce low cost energy.  Via this unique knowledge set, AirStream has strategically targeted several of our wind energy projects sites at the nexus good wind and the important attributes for data center operators. 

Data Center developers and operators should contact Airstream Energy to inquire about our existing sites that are “data center ready” or to help identify new sites that can integrate wind energy solutions.

"…Just think about where there are windmills, dams, and other natural power sources around the world, and that's where you're going to see server farms…"
Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Chief Software Architect, Fortune Magazine,
“Microsoft’s New Brain” April 18, 2006










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